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What's In-Die box - June anniversary holograph nail polish - swatch and review

I've been keen to buy some new holographic polishes, and I've been keen to try the What's In-die Box? Aussie indie polish mystery box. So when June's theme was announced as a special all-holo theme, I signed myself up.

The box is a neat white cardboard affair, with the logo stuck on the front.

Open it up, and...

L-R: Queen of the Mermaids, Don't make me Blush, Party in the Park, Violet Blaze, Pink Blitz. Plus some redskins. :) Sadly I wasn't lucky enough to receive one of the special bonus polishes - ah well.

 Each polish maker is given an inspiration picture for their polish. Here are the inspiration pictures for June.

The weather for this weekend was forecast cold and overcast, so you can imagine my delight when both Saturday and Sunday turned out to be beautifully sunny days. Perfect for swatching holos!

First up is Queen of the Mermaids by Glittering Elements. This is a beautiful dark blue jelly full of scattered holo particles. The slight translucency of the polish does make it quite reminiscent of water, and the holo particles give it depth. The polish is a great match for the name and for the inspiration picture. Lovely.

Application was easy, and took three coats for full coverage.

I must apologise for my slighty messy fingers in these shots! I actually swatched these separately from the others, late on Sunday afternoon, and as I was just painting the topcoat on, the sun started to dip below the horizon. Oh no! Fortunately I had just enough time to dash out and catch the last of the sunshine, but not enough time to finish my cleanup first.

In overcast light

In the sunshine - look at that beautiful fiery holo!

How pretty is the polish name label!

Next up is Don't make me Blush by Glam Polish, a pink polish with a distinct lean towards the red zone of the colour wheel and a little hint of coral from the holo particles. It's quite an unusual colour, I think. I used two coats for this swatch. Application was nice and smooth.
Another scattered holo.

Inside in the shade.

Next up is Party in the Park by Powder Perfect. I'd been eyeing off a dark navy holo, but that lemming's been squashed by this beautiful dark green linear holo. Check it out! This swatch is two coats, easy application.

Look at that super strong holo! <3

You can see the green base more clearly in this shot, although the overcast day has thrown off the colour balance a bit - it looks whiter/cloudier than in person.

Next up is another strong linear holo, Violet Blaze by Lilypad Lacquer. It's a dark purple holo base packed with orange flakes (holographic flakes?) and as mentioned it has a strong linear holo in the sun. So pretty! I like that the orange flakes keep it interesting in the shade as well as in the sun. I had a hard time photographing this colour actually, I think it had too much going on for my poor aged camera! This is two coats, easy application. 
This picture from inside under my florescent kitchen light gives a fairly accurate representation of the purple colour, although it's hard to see the orange flakes. 

In the sun! 

Bottle shot - look at it shine.
You can get a bit of a sense of the orange flakes in this photo, although the colour again appears cloudier than in real life.

Finally we have Pink Blitz by Peita's Polish. It's PINK, a very classic pink, a pink Barbie would be jealous of! It has a scattered holo effect. Easy application, two coats.

No shots of it in the shade, sorry, as none of them really turned out.

So there you go! The June anniversary What's In-Die Box. All of the polishes were lovely and easy to work with. Unfortunately they're all once-offs and can't be bought in-store, but if you want to buy July's box you can pre-order it here at Peita's Polish until the end of June, or you can find out more about the box's inspiration on its Facebook page.

So what do you think? Any clear favourites in the box? Let me know in the comments!

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