Thursday, 18 September 2014

31 Day Challenge, Day 18 - Half moon (literal interpretation)

So, I took the challenge a little literally today...

I was looking through my stamping plates earlier in the challenge, and I saw these crescent moons on Cheeky plate CH46. A quick stamp over my previous manicure and voila! Half moon nails! :D

I did however want to do an actual half moon manicure, so my "standard" half moon manicure can be found here.


  1. Ha! Love that you / someone did a literal interpretation - you know, the thought crossed my mind when I was contemplating what to do the other day, as I usually only prefer half-moons on me when I have time to shape my nails.

    BTW I think you're missing a link to the standard half moon post..?

    1. A bit of fun hey :) I'm surprised no-one else did actual half moon designs. Although the vintage half moon manicure is such a classic look and a nice change of pace from some of the other challenges.

      Oh dear, I am too! Oops! Thanks for letting me know, I've added it in.