Saturday, 6 September 2014

31 Day Challenge, Day 5 - Blue nails, stamping with Cheeky plate

I'm posting on day 6, but I did actually do this mani in time for day 5. I went to a market to try and sell some of my old clothes, and was there pretty much all day with the set-up/selling/break-down time.

I like to theme my nails to events that I'm doing or going to, so for the markets I used Cheeky plate CH-55, from their summer collection. It has some $$$ signs, and a some little sale signs, plus some other fashion-related images.

I used Revlon's Royal Blue again, and stamped using Stargazer Chrome Gold, because all my stamping polishes have gooped up and my Mundo de Unas order hasn't arrived yet (unsurprising, since I only ordered on Friday - international shipping is open again!). It's not very crisp, sadly, and I hope my new stamping polish will fix that.

Sadly I didn't even break even at the markets, so I possibly should have done the dollar signs in red, but I still like the way this looks. It's a kind of distressed luxe.

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