Wednesday, 7 September 2016

31 day challenge - black&white

Black and white - featuring my right hand! After trying to use the clear jelly stamper on my left hand, and not getting a good transfer, I tried to do a decal - as usual, it wound up getting some little air bubbles. Might try reverse stamping at some point this month. Anyway I finished off the mani by using my normal Messy Mansion stamper on the right hand and it turned out so much better! But so awkward to pose the right hand haha.

I used Chrome Girl nail polishes for this - they're themed for the Pittsburgh Penguins! ❤️ The white is 'Just add ice' and the black is 'Drop it!'. The black is great, nice and opaque and very easy to use. The white however was a bit too runny. This is three coats, which I finished with a matte topcoat. I used another place off eBay, which is completely unnamed.


  1. Very pretty! I love that single damask pattern. It gives a very simple but very elegant look.

    1. I love the pattern too and I think it goes so well in black and white.