Tuesday 13 September 2016

31 day challenge - animal print

I mixed things up from my usual stamping by using some water decals today. I got them some months ago from Born Pretty Store and have been saving them specifically for this prompt. Peacocks! 

The decals are very colourful and were easy to use - unlike some other decals I've used, these ones were pretty tough and stood up to being shifted around on the nail. The only downside was that the pattern, annoyingly, is not coordinated across the nails. And that offset peacock in the middle? Far too subtle on the nail IMO because it gets lost on the side of your nail.. I like how this mani turned out but I feel that the decal design could be better. Still, I'm happy with them.

31 day challenge - stripes

Stripes! I didn't have much time so I did some quick stamping with Bundle Monster's BM-XL201 plate, which I recently got in the mail. I love nail mail!

Sunday 11 September 2016

31 day challenge - gradient

I got the order of the day's messed up again (again! Ugh) so I'm posting two today. This year, for the gradient prompt, I was determined to do the "sunset African animals" look. Classic? Cliche? Either way, I I love the warm colours. I think my gradient has improved from last year, and using liquid latex really helped with the clean up.

Revlon Electric
Face of Australia Some Like It Hot
Sephora Private Boudoir
Ciate Hopscotch

Born Pretty 16
Bundle Monster BM-XL204

Saturday 10 September 2016

31 day challenge - polka dots

I went with some Tour de France themed nail art - polka dots for the King of the Mountain! I used OPI's I Just Can't Cope-acabana and Celestial Cosmetic's Snow Clouds, stamped with Mundo de Unas Red and black using plates Born Pretty's BPL-006 for the dots, MJ's JR-29 for the text and Uber Chic's Hipster-01 for the bikes.

Friday 9 September 2016

31 day challenge - rainbow

Rainbow nails! I LOVE this look. A rainbow nail foil from Born Pretty over Ulta3's Glamourpuss, which is one of my favourite silver polishes. I used a mix of PVA glue and water as a glue for the foil, which I let dry to clear before applying the foil. I worked fairly well, although I really should grab some actual foil glue at some point. I topped with Picture Polish's glitter base coat/foil top coat combo and the foil stayed beautifully shiny. I top coated with my usual quick dry over the Picture Polish and it still looked great. Wore well for the one day I had before the challenge moved on.

31 day challenge - metallic

#31dc2016 - today's #nailart prompt is Metallic, so I painted my nails with Revlon's Metallic - perfect name match! Stamped with plate BC-10.

I also took this photo showing off the top with the name. Bit of fun composition!

Wednesday 7 September 2016

31 day challenge - black&white

Black and white - featuring my right hand! After trying to use the clear jelly stamper on my left hand, and not getting a good transfer, I tried to do a decal - as usual, it wound up getting some little air bubbles. Might try reverse stamping at some point this month. Anyway I finished off the mani by using my normal Messy Mansion stamper on the right hand and it turned out so much better! But so awkward to pose the right hand haha.

I used Chrome Girl nail polishes for this - they're themed for the Pittsburgh Penguins! ❤️ The white is 'Just add ice' and the black is 'Drop it!'. The black is great, nice and opaque and very easy to use. The white however was a bit too runny. This is three coats, which I finished with a matte topcoat. I used another place off eBay, which is completely unnamed.