Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A-England's Ascalon with hexagon nail studs armour

A while back, I bought a packet of silver hexagonal nail studs from Born Pretty Store with the intention of doing a full-nail armour look.

I painted my nails with A-England's Ascalon, a silver nail polish with a muted scattered holo effect and a distinct pink-green undertone which makes it quite warm toned. Formula was excellent, as I have found for all A-England polishes.

I then stuck the studs on the ring finger of each hand. I found that the best effect comes from starting at the side and working in a bit of a diagonal, making sure to always press each stud up hard against the edges of the other studs. Coverage was pretty good, with only a few awkward gaps - I did find that you can cut the studs to size for the gaps, but it's hard to get them to stay on the tips because it's such a high-impact area. It was fine on the side, though.

The studs are shiny, attention-grabbing, and the texture is lovely. I'd definitely recommend them!

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