Monday, 15 September 2014

31 Day Challenge, Day 15 - Delicate Print

Day 13 - I hurried through this so I could go to bed, to be honest. Not much to say, I did some stamping for this one. Stamping is great for delicate designs.

I used Dance Legend's thermo polish 178 for this. I'm pretty warm so no thermo effect is visible, but I've loved their other thermo polishes - definite hits in winter. The polish has a nice dusty pearl effect without topcoat, but with topcoat it looks like a shimmery creme.

Stamping is Emily de Molly plate EMD09.


  1. lovely pattern. I love the base color. (:

    1. The base colour is even prettier in real life, where you can see the shimmer in it. As your nails get cold it shifts to a darker pink, which is also quite nice. I think it would be a a great base colour to put some studs on.