Monday, 20 October 2014

Peita's Polish from What's In-Die Box October 2014 - Holo-ween

Holo-ween! I love puns, and I love holos, so I knew I had to buy the all-holo What's In-Die Box for October. And what a set of polishes! <3 Because the box only just came out, I've put all pictures of the actual polish under a jump cut.

But first! I recently also received some free products from Born Pretty Store in return for a review, and will be doing a series of manicures using these products and the polishes from the Holo-ween What's In-Die Box. I'm pretty excited for what I have planned! As part of my review, I also got a discount code to share - use code SNBQ10 for 10% off.

For this manicure I used some black and clear/silver rhinestones, which came as part of a two-pack - one box of black and clear/silver rhinestones, and one box of multicoloured rhinestones. They're a great size for nail art, you get a good amount of rhinestones, and I quite like the box - easier to use than a nail wheel, since the compartments snap down and there's no danger of mis-aligning the opening.

The other thing I love is that the box comes with a wax pencil for applying the rhinestones with. IT IS AMAZING. It was such a snap to apply the rhinestones using the wax pencil! A couple of minutes was all it took to do each hand. I got mine bundled with the rhinestones, but you can also buy two wax pencils on their own, (It's called the "Easily Picking Up Rhinestone Picker Wax Pen" on the site, which seems a fair summary of what it's for.)

And now, the manicure! Under a cut to avoid spoilers.

Today's polish is Ghost Gutz by Peita's Polish, and is a beautiful green linear-holo polish with a pearlised finish. I love this polish! Perfect for Halloween, but lovely all year round - Australia is enjoying springtime at the moment, and this is a lovely spring colour too. The bottle came with a cute ghost-patterned ribbon.

I used the black and clear/silver rhinestones for this look. I really love the wrap around the base of my nails. The black rhinestones are by far my favourite.

In the shade - the pearl finish still gives it a shimmer, along with the holo particles.

 The holo effect is not super strong, but it adds a lovely sparkle to the polish. This is a really unique polish in my collection.


  1. I love that black rhinestone. It so beautiful :D Gorgeous shade (:

    1. Thanks! The black rhinestones are lovely and I think they'd go with so many other colours too! Really versatile!