Monday, 7 September 2015

31 Day Challenge: black & white

I love black and white - it's very striking - but it's also so unforgiving! No matter which white I use, I always seem to wind up doing 3 coats, and it takes a while to dry. Maybe I've just psyched myself out about white? Which white do you use?

I painted my nails white with Celestial Cosmetic's Snow Clouds (nice and easy to work with) then stamped over it using Cici and Sisi plate 06. I find that it's really hard to clean up my black Mundo de Unis stamping polish, so I used some liquid latex to paint around my fingers and form a peel-off barrier. This makes clean-up for much faster and more effective, but the smell is quite off-putting and you can be allergic to the latex. Happily for me I have a cold at the moment and can't smell anything. (Well, as happy as you can be with having a cold?!) 


  1. I like this design, great work :)

  2. This looks nice! Try Essence - Wild White ways or Kleancolor - White. Twp simple self leveling covering coats, normal drying time. Awesome for nail art. Life is too short for bad white polish.

  3. Nice and organic! I love a good white, chalky ones not so much but for crisp whites I usually reach for OPI Alpine Snow, though Sinful Colors Snow Me White (check out Target) I find really good. Sally Hansen White On is not bad for stamping or a base. Essie Blanc... etc.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I tried the OPI and it worked a lot better. Will definitely check out the other two as well.