Tuesday, 8 September 2015

31 Day Challenge - metallic

I knew I wanted to do foils for today, and I decided to challenge myself and do some foil stamping! So I painted my nails gold, got my purple foil out, stamped my nails aaaand - nothing. It would not transfer. :'( 

I tried changing stamping polish, making a decal, nothing. And then I changed to a silver foil and bam, instant success. Lesson learned: purple foil from kmart should be avoided. (I think I got my silver foil from eBay.)

After all that, it was a pretty straightforward process. I painted my nails navy with Kester Black's Periwinkle, stamped a chevron design on using silver konad polish, and pressed the nail foil onto the still-damp stamping design to transfer it. Really pleased with how it turned out in the end!

This silver foil has holographic highlights - here's an out of focus shot to show it off!

And here you can see the foil after the pattern has transferred.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Definitely going to do some more foil stamping.

  2. Ooh, very funky - like a finger disco! The foil transfer came out really crisply too.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's got the disco sparkle! I was very pleased at how crisply it came out.

  3. I love the chevron pattern with the transfer foil. Great job.
    hug Angelina

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  5. great idea! I like the final look so much <3